Our Organic Food Menu

High-class gourmet restaurant. The most homely and exquisite dishes. Outstanding service.
Pure enjoyment.


Chinese Cuisine

Delicious Chinese specialties, baked pasta and delicate salads: taste incredibly diverse Chinese and Continental cuisine, which has become a worldwide standard of the superb dining experience.


Continental Cuisine

If you want your fix of pasta, we can make that happen for you. Come on out and have a taste of our take on continental dishes.


Nepali or Sikkimese Cuisine

Try the traditional dishes from the country of Nepal with their delicious momos and classic dal and rice. If you feel the need to have something soupy, try the traditional thupka which is a nice blend of south-east asian cuisine including noodles and soup.Simplicity and delight are key!


Indian Cuisine

Exotic spices, vegetables and piquant taste… We serve Tandoori Chicken, Chole, Rogan Josh, rice or vegetable specialties and many more famous dishes of Indian cuisine.