Massage & Jacuzzi

Parksinn group’s Smileland Hotel & Resort opens the door to one of the most calming and relaxing spa experiences with the soothing sound of tista rivers water flowing right next to you: we’ve created an entire small spa center inside our hotel to deliver unique and popular spa services for men and women.

We offer various types of relaxing massages, facials, exfoliation treatment with the huge variety of the sweet-scented oils to choose from.

Within specialty massages package we offer several ones you’ll enjoy: a classic massage, a customized massage with a special attention to muscle tension, deep tissue message and a gentle prenatal massage.

We’ll do everything to remove stress and anxiety from your body and mind not only during your stay, but for a long time onward!

You can order this service on booking confirmation page.


1,000 / Per Instance / Per Guest

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